Un deuxième Marocain rejoint l’UFC

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Après Abu Azaitar, un autre Marocain a rejoint officiellement l’UFC. Il n’est d’ailleurs pas étranger au champion marocain.

Ottman, le frère cadet des Azaitar, a fait comme son frangin. Il a rejoint l’UFC (organisation américaine d'arts martiaux mixtes).

Ottman présente un super bilan: il demeure invaincu en 11 matchs de MMA disputés. Il explique sur les réseaux sociaux qu’il lui a fallu beaucoup pour en arriver là.

"Pour certains, cela peut sembler facile, en particulier pour ceux qui n'ont vu que les résultats. Mais ils n'ont pas vu la souffrance et les sacrifices qui m'ont amené ici. Ce fut une route avec beaucoup de hauts et de bas", écrit le pratiquant de MMA.



Dear friends, it is my pleasure to announce that from now on I will be part of the biggest MMA organization of the world - The UFC! I want to thank you all for your faith in me through the many fights around the world in different organizations that have led me here. Today I look back on an MMA career where I stand undefeated with a fight record of 11 fights with 10 finishes in a four-year period. To some it may have looked easy, especially to those that only saw the results. But they didn’t see the suffering and sacrifice that have taken me here. It has been a road with many ups and downs. Thank God that I did not have to travel alone or I could not have reached here. The lesson I have learned in my career is to stay focused and NEVER give up! My family and the many friends I call brothers that have backed me is the source of power and confidence that always kept me going. It was the teamwork that made this dream work. Now the time has come for us to see the hard work pay off. I am proud to be the second Moroccan UFC Fighter in history after my brother @abuazaitar as the first one. We are truly blessed to be the only two Moroccan brothers fighting in the UFC. I will keep on doing my best to stay undefeated and show you always the best version and possible performance of me. First of all I want to thank God for everything. Furthermore I want to thank my family, friends and everyone who is supporting me since day one. I appreciate every one of you and feel blessed to have you in my back. Especially big thanks to all my coaches and training partners during all the years. I thank for your understanding that I cannot mention all names personally. Also big thanks to my brother & manager @aliabdelaziz000 who made this possible and my brother @omar_azaitar . Thanks to the @ufc for this opportunity! The contracts are signed and the new journey can start! ————————————————————————- سعيد جدا أن أخبركم أنني حظيت بتوقيع عقد مع المنظمة العالمية لفنون القتال UFC . ويعتبر هذا التوقيع إنجازا تاريخيا غير مسبوق في تاريخ فنون القتال على المستوى العالمي؛ فبعد انضمام البطل العالمي الكبير شقيقي أبو زعيتر، ها أنا ذا ألتحق بهاته المنظمة ذات الصيت العالمي لنصير بذلك الأخوي

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Par Oumeïma Er-rafay

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